Islamic Digital Finance

Islamic Digital Finance is a Community based project by the people,
for the people. The decisions and actions of Islamic Digital Finance are made by its members
and community to assure fairness for all.

Profit and Loss Sharing (also called PLS or “participatory” banking) is a method of finance used by Islamic Financial institutions to comply with the religious prohibition on interest on loans that most Muslims subscribe to.

Use Cases

Islamic Digital Finance Native Token $IDF is based on the Ethereum Network’s ERC-20 Standards.

There is a Lot of Interest Involved in Crypto Currencies Which is completely Forbidden in Islam.

Using $IDF anyone and can Rid off unintentionally occurred interest by paying interest money to Charities/Projects.


After Every Week days a new project will be listed on our website.

The Projects must have one of the following qualities in them to be listed on our website and to generate funds for them.

  • Projects working towards Spreading True face of islam.
  • projects working towards to stop/ban/Remove blasphemous content against the last prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h).
  • Projects working towards helping Humanity in a whole in any way charities/donations etc.
  • Projects working towards building/renovation of mosques.

Total Supply

2.4 Million $IDF.



1 Million $IDF.

will be locked for 1 year on Uniswap.


Public Sale

1 Million $IDF.

Donations for Projects voted by the community.

Donations for Projects voted by the community.

400000 $IDF.

Coming Q1 2021

       Islamic Digital Finance $IDF Public Sale is LIVE. 

$IDF Contract Address: ETHERSCAN


Public Sale Progress

Public Sale Progress



Be a part of first ever Digital Currency of  Islamic  Finance System.

Help Us Grow

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